Super Bowl Party

Every week I run across a number of recipes that look so awesome I beg for some excuse to prepare them for someone. My wife and I can only eat so much and I really hate throwing food away so most of the time I just never get around to making them. And more often than not I end up losing the recipes to the ever expanding sea of stuff on the “internets”. In my search for a way to put those recipes on my blog so I can keep track of them I thought I’d try out a couple of different methods and see how I like them. First up…Weekly Recipes…I’ll post 2 to 4 recipes that I’ve run across that I really want to try.

My brain follows an odd path on it’s way to determining exactly what it’s looking for but I’ll attempt to organize these recipes in as logical manner as I can fathom.

Weekly Recipes: Super Bowl Party

So, I’ll stretch the definition a bit and say that all of these would make good Superbowl food. =)

  • Parmesan Garlic Rolls - Damn the carbs! These look absolutely amazing!
  • Grilled Salmon Gyros - I wanted to do something different with Salmon and this looks like the perfect thing.
  • Hot Sriracha Garlic Chicken Wings - I have actually made these but wasn’t doing the blog at the time and didn’t take any pics. I grilled them instead of frying them. The end result was an amazing chicken wing but make sure you like ‘em spicy and garlicky!
  • Crab Tater Tots - Umm…how can that not be amazing? Just need a good remoulade to go with them…
  • Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps - Perhaps one of my most requested apps. You just can’t beat these. I’ll do a write up about these soon.
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I just enjoy cooking. I like the cooking process as much as the eating so I often make things from scratch or things that take a lot of time.